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6-9am – (The Morning Pump)
with Hans, Linx and Whitney

9am-12noon – (The Middle Men)
with Third Bass, Leston and Ultimate Shane

12-3pm – (Touch Your Team)
with Jahmoun, Jade and Beats By Robin

3-6pm – (The Interchange)
with Baker, MX Prime, Super Hype and Dj Keron

6-9pm – (New Energy – Make Up or Break Up)
with Smooth,Whitney, Chris and Dj Karey

9pm-12am – (Destination Midnight)
with Ringo Star, Salty and The Real Starboy Johnny

Overnight – (Team No Sleep)


6-9am ( Freestyle Fridayz )
with Hans, Linx, and Whitney

9-12noon (Freestyle Fridayz )
with Kevin Baker, MX Prime and Beats By Robin

12-3pm (Freestyle Fridayz )
with Smooth and Dj Keron

3-6pm (Freestyle Fridayz )
with Sachy and Dj Kohmee

6-9pm (Freestyle Fridayz )
with Ringo Star and Dj Junior

9pm-12am (Freestyle Fridayz)
with Akeem and Dj Triston

Overnight - (Team No Sleep)


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5-9am ( Selector Saturdayz Interactive)
with Chow Chow and Dj David Degree

9-11am (Selector Saturdayz Interactive)
with Jahmoun and The Real Starboy Johnny

11-1pm (Selector Saturdayz Interactive )
with Sachy and Dj Chucky Rayban

1-3pm (Selector Saturdayz Interactive )
with Smooth and Dj Karey

3-5pm (Selector Saturdayz Interactive)
with Ringo Star and Dj Chumps

5-7pm (Selector Saturdayz Interactive)
with Salty and Dj Kohmee

7-9pm ( Fi D Gyal Dem )
with Tech. Sounds and Dj Junior

9-12am (Selector Saturdayz Interactive)
with Junior K and Dj Sledge

Overnight - (Team No Sleep)


6-9 am ( The Check In)
with AV, Leston and Dj Titus

9-12am ( On Point )
with Hans, Kalifa, Jade and Dj Brent

12-3pm (Fun Day On A Sunday )
with Akeem and Dj Devon

3-6pm ( Sunday Recharge)
with Starbrite and Dj Triston

6-9pm ( Soft Spot )
with DJ Shane

9-12am ( R&R )
with Junior K and Dj Prince

Overnight - (Team No Sleep)