Bass Goes Viral After Posting Video Praising Female Cop’s Beauty in NYC.

Bass is enjoying some viral success.

All it took was one honoree mention of a female police officer’s beauty for Trinidad and Tobago media personality and artiste, Bass who’s also known as Trilogy, to make it onto Hollywood Unlocked.

Back in April, the ‘If Yuh Stush’ singer recorded a 15 second long video while vacationing in New York. He had simply recorded himself complimenting the beauty of a female police officer attached to the NYPD. “So when we say New York’s finest, we mean New York’s finest,” he said, before jokingly adding, “Can you lock me up now?” The brief interaction led to Bass garnering over 3,000 comments beneath the single post on his personal page.

A social media page called New Yorkers, which posts funny videos of things that take place in New York was the first to highlight the interaction between Bass and the female cop, last week. Their post got over 600 comments, many somewhat annoyed by the move by the Caribbean native, suggesting that what he did could be considered harassment.

A second media outlet, Hollywood Unlocked subsequently posted the video with a story that delved into the subject of whether the officer’s profession was being overtly sexualized as suggested by the the New Yorkers’ audience. Beneath their post, which came with a story, some 1500 comments were accumulated.

We reached out to Bass to find out how this all transpired. Here’s what he shared.

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