‘Chandler Bing’ Will Be Sorely Missed. New Yorkers Are Paying Tribute.

Following the death of 'Friends' star, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler on the long-running sitcom, the show's location in New York has turned into a shrine and is said to be growing by the hour.

Perry, 54, Perry, was reportedly found lifeless at a Los Angeles area home, where he appeared to have drowned. He starred on ‘Friends’ for 10 years, but was also well known for other roles played in Hollywood.

Following his passing, fans of the sitcom honored the actor in New York City, as a memorial had been set up outside of the West Village building which was used for exterior shots of the apartment where the show’s main characters lived.

New York.

The actual scenes inside the apartment shared by Monica and Rachel and across the hall, Joey and Chandler, were filmed on the Warner Brothers backlot in Burbank, California, but the location in New York is where “Friends” fans are coming to share their memories of Perry. Bouquets and stacking up, along with hand written letters and notes commemorating Perry’s iconic character from the series.

It is understood that Perry wanted to leave a lasting legacy beyond his fame as Chandler Bing, having aspired to form of a foundation dedicated to helping those suffering from substance abuse, like he once did.

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