Freetown Collective’s Muhammad Muwakil Encourages Followers ‘To Just Be.’

Muhammad Muwakil's making a major statement in the midst of what some may see as a constant effort to move up in life.

The artiste, known for his motivational songs and nourishing words of wisdom, took to social media on Wednesday, telling his fans that it just may be time to get off life’s treadmill.

“You don’t have to do anything to justify taking a rest, or justify your own existence,” he said, noting that his generation had been made to believe that it was imperative to be the best, to be the first placed in class and and if this did not materialize, children back then would endure threats. “

He clarified, “I am not saying having aspirations isn’t a good thing, but if your life and your self worth is defined by the things you are able to get in this world, you will constantly be in a state of unhappiness because those things can’t make you happy.”

Muwakil and his Freetown Collective team, which includes fellow frontline artiste, Lou Lyons, have been in a constant state of intellectual and spiritual development, through music – defining their living legacy with lyrics that promote positive action and growth. In March, the duo hosted what they coined, ‘an acoustic reasoning’ titled, ‘Until Everywhere is Free,’ in Jamaica. They have been spreading their music, their brand and representing Trinidad and Tobago, around the world, in a purposeful way.


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