GVon Says He’s Reppin’ For Men Around The World This Carnival with ‘Sugarcake.’

The stage is set. Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is moving full speed ahead.

The season that ushers in a mood of celebration comes complete with music from artistes who boast varied talents. Entertainer, Gvon says his 2023 Soca release will be entered into all major competitions this season. “I’m representing for all the men in the universe with this song,” he attests, and ironically, he truly might be. 

His expectations for the revelry very high, Gvon who was once confined to the parameters of the Chutney Soca genre, continues to push the envelope. His latest release is called, ‘Sugarcake’ and as he puts it, the rum from his previous release in 2022, is now being used in this special treat. 

Written by well-known chutney songwriter, Vedesh Sookoo, ‘Sugarcake’ was produced by Rishi Gayadeen.  For cross-over appeal, Nicholai Green was called upon for mix and mastering duty. In the end, a song that presents the right amount of humor, vibes and energy, was released some nine months after work initially began. “This was the longest time I’ve ever spent working on a song. We just had to get it right,” said the artist. 

Gvon’s been pushing hard musically. When Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, he unleashed a Soca parang single called, ‘A Roti Christmas.’ The song’s video was shot at Joy’s Roti Shop in Florida and GVon enjoyed a pretty successful season then. In 2022, he unleashed, 

‘Bring De Rum’ and now follows it up with ‘Sugarcake’ to let the ladies know exactly how their male counterparts feel on what some will agree, is a very sensitive topic. 

Excited for the season, the San Fernando based entertainer says he is proud of Trinidad and Tobago’s ambitious thrust to host what is being called the mother of all carnivals. “The buzz is really high. Everybody is talking about coming to Trinidad for Carnival. This is a significant time of year for our country. Besides bringing tourists and foreign exchange, which we need, this time of year also unites us,” he pointed out. 

Crime, a very sensitive topic, Gvon is calling on every citizen to look out for each other. “We can’t go on like this. We have a beautiful country, rich in natural and human resources. We have to protect lives and do what is right. Do not put yourselves in positions that could compromise your safety,” he warned, this as he pleaded with all of T&T to simply love one another.

Gvon is all set to bring his brand of vibes and happiness to every stage in Carnival. He explained that while the song is branded as a Chutney soca track, it does have the elements of Kaiso. As a result, he will enter the Chutney Soca Monarch competition and quite possibly, the Calypso Monarch and Soca Monarch competitions in 2023. “This song has exactly what it takes and I plan on going real hard all season long.”

Check out ‘Sugarcake’ on all streaming platforms and be sure to follow Gvon on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok The video for Sugarcake is set for release soon. 

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