His Story Continues. Kerry John Calls for More Unity.

Music chose him. That's the strong belief of entertainer Kerry John who officially released his album, 'King John Version- My Story', on May 22nd.

The entertainer spoke with recently, telling us that while there is some level of unity in the entertainment business in T&T, there really needs to be more.

John’s album release event was held in St. Helena at a spot called High Styles Sports Bar and Lounge. He said the turnout was pretty good. Surrounded by fans, family and friends in the entertainment business, he unleashed his album and also gave support to a number of up and coming entertainers. “I had a lot of support from my family and fans, and great friends in the music industry. We all celebrated and had a great time. We did what we do best- entertain people, serenade them and make them happy. I was also able to give young artistes a platform that many of them were dying for,” he said, highlighting the need for more collaborative effort and unity on the local music landscape.


John is an optimist when it comes to music and despite the tumultuous nature of the music industry, he believes that once there is music, there is a way. “You never know. It’s just about the right music at the right time. Music is very unpredictable. You just never know,” he said. He had been addressing the often uncertain nature of the business – one that is more often than not, unkind to the less popular newcomers to even seasoned acts in the game.

Committed to his craft and understanding of the need to evolve over time, John said that the hands- on experiences he got in the music industry, taught him things that no one had ever told him. “One thing nobody told me about when it comes to the music business that I had to learn on my own, is that it is very selfish. From the outside being out of it, you would think it’s a collaborative effort and it’s a ‘one love’ and unity among artistes- not saying that it doesn’t exist, but just not as strong as it should be,” he said. Kerry thinks this has been one of the major factors affecting the growth of the Soca music genre, over the years. “I believe this is part of the downfall as to why we cannot take soca music in particular to the world, as it should be. We need to unite some more. There is unity, but there is not enough- too much segregation,” he said.


With major goals set in motion, the entertainer who does agriculture farming when he’s not music, said he isn’t giving up. “I have a band and we will be activating things again. Added to that, I’m working on a studio which will be called, “KJV Records,” he highlighted. “I’d like to do major international collaborations with artistes like Burna Boy, Jay Z, Justin Bieber and artistes of that calibre. I don’t want to limit my talent . His eyes are set on major goals for the future, collaborations with international artistes like Burna Boy, Just Beiber, Jay Z and others of that calibre. “I don’t want to limit my talent. These are the people and the direction that I really aim for in my career,” said John, telling Boomchampionstt that the Jamaicans have been doing it and as such, he sees no reason why other Caribbean artistes from other islands can’t do the same.

With his eyes set on the prize, Kerry John is focused on his music. “People can look out for more albums and more stage shows to come. I especially want to highlight the younger generation of artistes coming up, mo matter what avenue of expression they choose,” he said, telling us that plans are underway to host a concert that will feature new entertainers from all walks of life.

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