Jamaica’s Mr. Vegas Calls Gabrielle Union, “Freaky”, Calling Out The Wade’s Parenting Style.

On the Easter weekend, actress Gabrielle Union and former NBA player, Dwayne Wade, showed off their family as they celebrated the holiday.

In one particular photo, Wade’s transgender daughter, Zaya, who was born male, but publicly chose the alternate lifestyle at the age of 12, was seen passionately kissing another transgender child. The child, Huaze Leo, was reportedly born female.

The internet has been extremely vocal since the photos emerged, many arguing that the issue of the 14-year-old child kissing another child, is unacceptable. The Wade’s have not responded to the criticism.

In the Caribbean, entertainer and ever-vocal, artist, Mr. Vegas proceeded to wade into the murky situation, saying the “I DON’T GIVE A FYCK! CANCEL ME IF YOU WISH, BUT THE TRUTH IS, DWAYNE WADE AND HIS FR3@KY WIFE IS ON A MISSION TO CONFORM YOUR CHILDREN!”

Vegas argued that the children photographed were being exploited by their high profile parents, questioning whether a pronography video featuring the Wade teen, would be next. “WHAT’S NEXT? A PORN VIDEO WITH THEIR UNDERAGE SON? LET THE CHILDREN BE CHILDREN! GTFOOH,” he said passionately.

In the comments, one person wrote,”He and his wife can not confirm my child. I am the teacher of my children. His kids can do as they please and how they are taught and mine will do as o teach them. We minding our business in 2022 and focusing on how we want to raise up our own. I’ve been around homosexuals and not one of my kids turned out homosexual. They can conform those that don’t want to be conformed.” In response, Vegas said, “Keep thinking that.”

While the sexual preference of a minor is one issue that Caribbean critics have often delved angrily into, the exposure to intimacy at a young age, is certainly a point of great discontent for those who believe in traditional parenting styles.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.

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