Jennifer Lopez Says She Suffered from Low Self Esteem.

'Maid In Manhattan' actress and Bronx, New York native, Jennifer Lopez speaks openly in a new Netflix documentary, admitting that she's battled with low self esteem.

The documentary, titled, ‘Halftime’, shows fans just how the entertainer’s iconic 2020 Super Bowl halftime show was created. It also gives some perspective on Lopez’s illustrious career and certainly, the scrutiny she’s received in the press.

Following the 2020 Grammy Awards where Lopez wore the famous sheer and plunging green dress, she began receiving much attention for her derrière.

After the 2000 Grammys, where Lopez wore the famous green dress, much attention went to her backside. ‘Halftime’ shows a clip of a 2002 interview with Billy Bush, in which, Bush asks Lopez, “How do you feel about your butt?” to which she responds, “Are you kidding me? You did not just ask me that.

In the documentary, Lopez recalled this, and several other moments, saying, “It was hard when you think people think you’re a joke, like you’re a punchline. But I wound up affecting things in a way that I never intended to affect them.”

Over the years, Lopez has achieved several remarkable feats in the realms of music and film. However, she admits that she felt people felt more focused on her body, her marriages, and her rumored diva-like behavior, as opposed to her art. “I just had very low self-esteem. I really believed a lot of what they said, which was that I wasn’t any good — I wasn’t a good singer, I wasn’t a good actress, I wasn’t a good dancer, I wasn’t good at anything. I just didn’t even belong here why wouldn’t I just go away.”

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