A Roots, Rock, Reggae musician, Black Loyalty says he believes music controls a person’s attitude – “a person’s algorithm.” He says music can alter moods significantly. “Whenever you hear a song, it puts you in a mood so if the mood of that song is violent, even if you edit out the violence, it would not take away from the message that the song is sending. If the mood is love, when you hear the song, you will feel love. If the mood of the music is righteousness and positivity, people who want to feel that, will listen to that. Nobody who wants to feel a positive energy will put on a song with violent lyrics. Each type of music has its place,” he suggested. 

A new single, “Woman I Love You,” recently released, Black Loyalty anticipates delivering it on the Redemption stage. “I will try to leave a positive impact because the people- the country needs it right now. The country needs more artistes like ‘Black Loyalty’ right now to speak to the youth. Not everybody with wealth and power can speak to the youths. A youth man can listen to my story or another artiste’s story and learn from it,” he said, adding, “When you tell me there is no way out of a certain life, I cannot agree because I am a living example that there is a way out. People see me today and say they can’t believe how far I’ve reached. I’ve turned negativity into positivity.” 

Gates open at 7pm and showtime on May 6th, is promptly at 8pm. Black Loyalty will open for reggae music heavyweights, Buju Banton, Anthony B, Beres Hammond and Luciano at Redemption 8. 

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