Lil Uzi Vert’s Satanic Rolling Loud Performance, Condemned.

Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert is being condemned for his recent performance at Rolling Loud.

G-Unit veteran, Tony Yayo was recently questioned about Lil Uzi Vert’s Rolling Loud performance in California, where the Philly rapper referred to Satan during his set. 

Yayo, though reluctant to get too deep into things said, “I believe in God, I don’t know about that stuff man, that’s crazy.” He went on to tell the TMZ reporter that he felt Uzi had “taken it too far.” 

“That was a little too crazy for me,” he said before adding, “I believe in God. I’m very religious, came up in the church, so anything that has to do with Satan I can’t rock with.”

Other celebrities have also shared a few words about the “Neon Guts” rapper’s performance, including Summer Walker. “I make a City Girl believe in Satan,” the Still Over It singer quoted Uzi’s lyric on her Instagram Story. “I Be genuinely curious have these people ever seen or heard a demon before..? Or it’s just a trend cause I feel like if you have you’d stop playin..really nothing funny or cute about it. May God be with y’all [prayer emoji].”

During his live performance of “Just Wanna Rock,” at Rolling Loud California held in Inglewood’s Hollywood Park, Uzi wore a red suit with pentagram details in its belt, along with a fish net shirt underneath. He also sported spiked hair with yellow and blue contacts in his eyes as he danced to the energetic beat all over the stage.

Since his viral “Satan” lyric has been a topic of discussion, Lil Uzi Vert nor JT of City Girls have commented.


Best rolling loud set goes to Lil Uzi Vert.

♬ original sound – KPREME👾

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