Melly Rose Sees Her Dream Come True. Travels to Africa.

Trinidad and Tobago entertainer, Melly Rose says she has achieved a significant milestone in her career.

The entertainer shot her first television commercial in the captivating landscapes of South Africa. In a statement, she said the occassion marked a dream come true for her.

Reflecting on the experience, Melly Rose expressed her profound gratitude and astonishment, stating, “I’ve always dreamt about moments like these, but I never knew they would actually come true. It’s been an incredible journey.”

Melly Rose, who was nominated for the Caribbean Music Awards, shared her sentiment about missing the prestigious event, saying, “I was truly saddened to miss the Caribbean Music Awards, especially given my nomination, however, this trip to Africa was scheduled since last year, and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.”

As she heads back home to Trinidad and Tobago, she says she looks back on her transformative journey in South Africa and the invaluable experiences gained. “I’m reminded of how good God is, and I can’t wait to share the incredible work we’ve created with the world.”

Details related to the tv commercial shot, were not shared.

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