Mike Tyson Drops ‘Ear’ Designed Weed Edibles.

Mike Tyson is selling Mike Bites and these are not for the kids.

Mike Tyson sure has a weird sense of humour, but weird often has a way of working! The former boxing champ who was disqualified 25 years ago, after he bit off and spat out a piece of the ear of challenger, Evander Holyfield, has introduced ear-shaped weed edibles.

Tyson 2.0 says the newly introduced ‘Mike Bites’ was inspired by that infamous 1997 match. The product is just one of many items Tyson 2.0 sells. Other items include various strains of Sativa and Indica flower.

The line of weed gummies was introduced on Twitter this week. It will be sold in Massachusetts, Nevada and California.

Mike Tyson is not the first celebrity to introduce marijuana products and strains to the market. Jay Z, Justin Beiber, Seth Rogen and others have successfully done the same in the past.


Cannabis edibles are food or drink items made with cannabis or cannabis oils. You can use cannabis edibles as an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis.

If you choose to consume edibles, start low and go slow. Cannabis edibles can be more potent than other forms and may affect you for longer periods of time. Take your time to understand how your body reacts.

Edibles come in many different liquid forms and food types such as baked goods, gummies and teas.

It takes longer to feel the effects of cannabis when you consume edibles compared to other forms of cannabis. The feeling of getting high is often delayed. If you take too much too soon you can experience cannabis poisoning.

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