MX Prime Contributes ‘The Return.’ Music For This Artist, Goes Deeper Than Carnival.

He’s never stopped working. For one of the most patriotic entertainers out of Trinidad and Tobago, music is a year-round exploit.

MX Prime has unleashed ‘The Return,’ a Power Soca single that he describes as his contribution. “I always take the time out no matter what’s happening in my career, to put a couple songs out for Carnival. Some artistes want to be in the fetes and in the mix but for me, it’s more important to make a contribution. Sometimes we think about what we are getting, but we don’t think about what we are giving. Some artistes consider their work an offering. You may not get anything back but you have made a contribution,” he told BOOM94 Entertainment.

A skilled producer, Prime continues to hone his craft. During the pandemic, he maintained his delivery of music and stood fast to leveling up to international standards, always being his biggest critic and pushing himself to higher standards. In 2021, he released a 12-track album called, ‘Exit.’ He was responsible for the production of 10 of the 12 tracks. The album made its way to the Recording Academy for consideration of a Grammy in the Best Reggae music category.  Then, last year, a song he released called, ‘Swim’ was also among the considered tracks by the Recording Academy for Grammy nomination, but this time, in the Global Music Performance category. Other T&T artistes who were up for consideration in that category were Kees and RKG. “They created that category specifically to feature artistes in the calypso and soca category and others like it,” he explained. 

Amid the carnival frenzy, MX Prime is as cool as can be. His focus is broader than most. A part of the music industry for more than 26 years, the Carenage native says he believes that it is important for him to use his gift to make other people feel good. “For me it’s not necessarily about how many parties or how much money you make. It’s more about taking the time to respect this special time of year. Even during Covid, I put out ‘Mad City’ in 2021 and last year I put out music with Keshav, just for the sake of putting out good quality music,” he highlighted.  

He explained that he’s been sitting on the production of ‘The Return’ for some time- something he says isn’t uncommon. “I had this piece of music for the past four years. Being a music producer, you go with your vibe and save, and you come back to it and sometimes it hits you in another moment,” he said. Beyond that, Mx Prime says he explores music of all genres and doesn’t subscribe to being a producer of any one or two specific genres. “I am not limited to just Soca production. I won’t call myself a dancehall producer.  Along your travels, you will end up working in different genres of music. If you are into music, explore music. Change does not take place in your comfort zone,” he advised. 

The former Road March winner is deep in the music and with gratitude, he says he looks forward to whatever positive outcomes can be enjoyed as a result. He says music lovers can look forward to new music to come from his camp, not just for the season of revelry, but certainly beyond that. 


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