Nadia Batson Touches Down. Could New Music Be on the Way?

It's safe to say that Soca hitmaker Nadia Batson is in demand around the world.

The entertainer has been busy as a bee, delivering to fans near and far, over the past few months. Now, she’s back home, just touching in, she says, for a week.

Nadia Batson

Batson’s been delivering consistently over the past few years. Her hits have bolstered her brand, cementing her name in history as Soca music’s ‘Caribbean Girl,’ – a title to a song she shared with the world long before she dreamt of dominating the circuit as she now is.

Batson most recently hosted her ‘Artform’ concert in New York. It was held on Independence Day- July 4th. She revelled in the show of support, as could be seen in numerous videos that appeared on social media in the aftermath.

Nadie’s upped the anti for many in the soca arena, dishing out a physical look that’s now the talk of the town, and matching it all with confidence, charisma and personality.

Two weeks ago, as she prepared to host her signature show in a land far away from her native Trinidad and Tobago, Nadia took to social media to share a heartfelt message to fans. She wrote, “Thank you for ALWAYS showing me so much love. It feels so good to be called an inspiration. I’ve always been a believer!! Always been strong with a positive mindset!  I need you to keep on dreaming BIG! Everything you desire is on its way to you.”

Now, home on her quick stop before duty calls again, the Queen of SASS is likely strategizing her next music drop, as is the norm around this time. Artistes are now gearing up for what is likely to be an epic experience in 2023, T&T having sat out Carnival celebrations for the past two years.

Check out Nadia’s entry to Artform earlier this month.

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