Nicki Minaj’s Little Sister, Ming Lee – “We Were Never Very Close.”

Nicki Minaj's younger sister, rapper Ming Li says she was bullied while in elementary school when people found out she was Minaj's sibling.

The 18-year-old spoke during the ‘We in Miami‘ podcast, opening up about how hard it was when she became recognized as Nicki Minaj’s sister.

Nicki Minaj with her sister in earlier years.

“In elementary, middle school, high school, the moment people knew who I was, it was either like they would ask me about my sister or ask me like just weird things that’s gonna make me feel uncomfortable,” said Li. Further to that, she said her interest in pursuing music herself, would lead to comparisons by her peers, which essentially led to her being bullied. “At the time, I felt not only attacked, I felt vulnerable. I felt like I was by myself,” she explained.

Nicki Minaj’s initial 2007-2009 mixtape run happened when Ming Li was just a toddler. The younger rapper admitted that she and her superstar sister were never very close. “I’ve never called her Nicki, by her name, at all. Calling her Nicki always felt weird, I’ve always called her Onika. But we was never close, but we had a good bond,” she said in the podcast. She went on to explain that Minaj was always busy. “She was always like busy, she be busy and stuff like that, I be doing my sh*t, too. But at the end of the day, I know that I still got love for her, she still got love for me, and I’mma still be proud of her.”

Li made it clear that while she doesn’t feel that she’ll ever be at the same level as her sister, she always strives to impress her and reach “her type of greatness.”

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