Raw Nitro Keeps The Energy Going. Says There’s A Place for Comedy in Soca.

There's room for everybody in the music business. This is the view of one young, up and coming entertainer.

He’s looked up to the real stewards in the industry, artistes like The Black Stalin, Shadow, and others who paved the way for his generation. Today, the young entertainer known as Raw Nitro is slowly but surely securing his own space in the Soca music business. Comedic relief, his personal style of delivery, the Chaguanas native has already shared two singles ahead of Carnival 2024, and they’re likely to bring some light-hearted humor to the carnival scene.

“I teamed up with Yankey Boy and radio personality Whitey, for a single called, ‘Drunk and Disorderly,’ and I also released ‘Baptize Meh’ on the Hop Scotch riddim with influencer, Certified Sampson,” said the 34-year-old entertainer. He says creativity is second nature to him and he often comes up with comedic songs pretty easily. “A lot of people have been reaching out to me now for songs and I’m really grateful to be seen now, and heard.”

In 2023, after releasing a single called, ‘Outside Like Garbage,’ in the aftermath of the Covid19 Lockdown, Raw Nitro went viral and soon enough, fellow entertainer Yankey Boy sought him out to collaborate. This led to a well strategized, comedic marketing ploy that would see the duo dressed in garbage bags as they attended promotional interviews and even live events. “The collaboration was great for me because the rooms I was then able to enter, as a result of Yankey Boy’s acquaintance with radio personalities and DJs, offered me more exposure,” he admitted. Now, with Carnival 2024 on the horizon, the Chaguanas native says he is eager to continue building his name and showcasing his talent. “I’ve been putting out music for seven years. I started off in the Chutney Soca arena and when I did the collaboration with Yankey Boy last year, I immediately felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

So far, Raw Nitro says he’s been receiving great feedback on his two new releases. “I think there’s definitely a space for this kind of music, even internationally. People are dealing with all kinds of stress, and comic relief is really important even if it’s just temporary,” he said.

Having experienced a breakthrough of his own in 2023, he took the time to encourage up and coming artistes and other creatives, saying, “Sometimes you have to come out of your comfort zone and never give up. Be consistent. I like making people laugh and even if they’re not feeling the song, they’ll see the video and get something out of it, but that’s just me. Everybody has something to offer the world.”

Raw Nitro releases two additional singles in the week ahead – ‘Drinking It Straight’ and ‘Duck De Wuk.’ To learn more about the artiste, keep up with him on Instagram @raw_nitro_muzik.

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