Rome : “There Is No Soca Mafia.”

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is over for 2024 but the discussions are raging. One of the top debated arguments is the idea that there exists in the music industry in T&T, a group of people dubbed, "the soca mafia."

On the heels of recent posts on social media, alluding to some artistes being blackballed for yet another carnival season, one very popular DJ rubbished claims of a present day Soca Mafia.

Promoter and well known DJ, Private Ryan took to the X platform where he casually highlighted several of what he coined “Carnival Facts.” In one post, he wrote, “More carnival facts. There is no soca mafia. In the era of streaming, YT, Tik Tok, X, IG and the ability to network there are avenues to get your music out there. The issue is the seasonal nature and glut that happens at the same time.”

Today, amid the debate, President of the Promoter’s Association, Jerome Precilla, best known as Rome, who is one of our very own on air personalities, and an artiste, sought to solidify Ryan’s argument, saying, “To my soca lovers out there. There is no soca mafia. Yuh see this soca mafia talk I hear people talking about for years. I myself believed it when I just entered the industry,” he said, debunking views that a group of people have been manipulating the industry for many years.

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