Soca + Sax. Melly Rose Harmonizes with Tony Paul in Live Performance.

Soca music is multi faceted and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Entertainer, Melly Rose proved this recently.

The T&T born artiste and Jazz saxophonist Tony Paul joined forces in a captivating live performance, blending the vibrant genres of Jazz and Soca. The collaboration featured a rendition of Rose’s single, ‘Shine Pon Me,’ showcasing the seamless integration of two musical worlds.

The dynamic synergy between Melly Rose’s soulful vocals and Tony Paul’s saxophone melodies created a unique musical experience that transcended traditional boundaries. The live performance, broadcasted on Instagram, provided audiences worldwide with a front-row seat to the magic of this unprecedented fusion.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the convergence of diverse musical styles, as Melly Rose and Tony Paul bridged the gap between Jazz and Soca, demonstrating the universal language of music.

The performance can be relived on Instagram, offering fans an opportunity to witness the magic of two extraordinary talents coming together in harmony.

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