Spice Is Not Pregnant. Dancehall Artiste Reveals How God Worked In Her Life.

"Mighty Jesus, you've brought me through such a journey." These were the feelings expressed by Grace Hamilton- the woman known worldwide, as dancehall's Spice.

Explaining that the pregnancy photo was not meant to disrespect anyone, she said she is now celebrating her new life, her rebirth.

Spice told fans on an Instagram Live stream a short while ago, that she had been hospitalised from October to December and had undergone multiple surgical procedures during that time, first in the Dominican Republic and then in the United States. The artiste also revealed that she had to learn to walk, talk and sing all over again and because of that, she wanted fans around the world to truly understand what God had done for her.

The Jamaican artist, known for her dancehall music said the live was not meant to promote any new music or promotion, but was meant to speak her truth and share all that had been taking place with her, throughout this period of her life. “I was dying. I was literally losing my life,” she revealed. “Today belongs to God,” said the entertainer repeatedly, explaining that she is thinking of doing a gospel album. On Friday, she unleashed a new single called, “God Ah Bless Me,” but as she announced at the beginning of the live, she did no promotion of the new music. “Jesus is King,” she said repeatedly.


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