“The Song of the Decade.” Marge Blackman Calls It! Julius Endorses.

Marge Blackman, the daughter of Soca music inventor, Ras Shorty I, has written “the song of the decade.”

These were her words to Rodney Julius, a US based artist she’s collaborated with on a track that’s described as a song of service to country, and perhaps the world. 

“Free State of Mind,” is a refreshing spin on the traditional sound of Calypso. Uplifting and thoughtful, this piece of art is considered by its creators as a gift to country and the world. “When I spoke with Marge Blackman about the project, she said, “Julius do you mind if we produce the track?” Blackman’s 18-year-old son, Moziah produced the song, delivering on the authentic sound Julius had hoped for. 

The project began just after Blackman’s trip to India, where she’d performed for thousands alongside Machel Montano at Yogi, Sadhguru’s Maha Shivratri celebrations. She’d been fasting, however upon completion of her fast, she commenced work on ‘Free State of Mind.’ 

“When she sent me the acoustic version, I was brought to tears,” admitted Julius. A Sealots, Trinidad native, Julius loves the authentic Tringabonian culture and because of this, he maintains focus on delivering music with purpose. “I remember looking at The Mighty Duke and the other calypsonians as a youth, and admiring the way they dressed. They always thought of the younger people who were looking up to them,” he said, adding that he feels Calypso music and all that comes along with the genre, needs to be revived. “This is Jamoo calypso with a hint of Soca. This is a contribution to culture and wherever it takes me, I’ll be there. Wherever God needs me to be, I’m there,” he said. 

“Free State of Mind” is a project of passion, brought together by mindful human beings who are dedicated to the betterment of mankind and each other. “I have to say thank you to Peter Wildfire Noel who did my vocal production. He did a great job. I have to give him honorable mention,” said Julius. He also gives tremendous credit to Krystle Bascombe, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s acclaimed drummers, for doing live drums on the track. 

The song was written by Marge Blackman and produced by Jamoo 13th Sound. The track’s executive producers are Hubert ‘Ziah’ Lila, Rich London and Rodney Julius himself. “We haven’t done this song for the sake of competition or fanfare. We understand that by calypso our stories are told. With that in mind, we offer our gifts and talents in service to Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and the wider world,” said the singer. 

Trinidad and Tobago’s Greatest Show on Earth, the main focus for many at this time, the artistes on this single are understanding of the timing. Julius explained that he had considered a hiatus from the business of music, however one day even as those thoughts filled his mind, God directed him to continue. “What I will say to everyone doing music, and especially to the young artistes is, keep digging deeper and remember, there’s always someone looking on at you,” he shared.

“Free State of Mind” is available on all streaming platforms, and music lovers are encouraged to follow the artistes as they continue their mission of empowerment. 

Stay updated on their efforts via Instagram @margeblackmantt and @juliustheartiste. 


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