Trinidad Duo, Orlando and Phia Heat Up The Scene, Deflect From the Negativity.

There’s a new face to entertainment that’s rearing its head in the Caribbean.

Slowly but surely, the fusion of global sounds we’ve all been familiarized with, along with traditional Caribbean sounds, are effortlessly going mainstream. Orlando Octave, a seasoned artiste in the entertainment industry in Trinidad and Tobago, along with up-and-coming sensation, Phia, have tapped into that energy, synergizing to create a song that has every bit of potential to go global.

Phia has been waiting for her turn. She’s delivered music in the past, feeding off of the entertainers and musicians she’s met along the way. A huge fan of the Afrobeat vibe, the young artiste believes it’s a gateway through which she can persevere onto a global stage. Having met Octave at Pengco Studio in Trinidad, the 22-year-old took the opportunity to spark dialogue on the potential for collaboration. “Orlando is such an awesome, positive, generous person. I really have to thank him for his dedication to this project and his wisdom along the way,” she said. The pair have unleashed, “My Side,” – a romantic Dancehall and Afrobeat infused single that speaks of love and relationship. “It’s a love song; A love song that emphasizes how much you want the one you love to stay at your side,” explained the young entertainer.

Orlando Octave and Phia

Over the past year, Phia has been focusing on the music she’s compiling for the release of an album. “I’ve really been writing a lot, playing around with different sounds and genres- basically trying to express my truest self through my music,” she said, revealing that as a young artiste, her goal is to inspire people with her music, sharing with the world just who she is as an individual and a passionate artiste.

“My Side” was released at the end of September and has been distributed to all major music streaming platforms for sale and download. “Following this release, another track called, ‘Foolish’ will be shared with the world,” she said, noting that her aim is to release music consistently as she hones her craft and creates her own dynamic space in the music industry.

As a young creative, Phia has shown immense dedication. The support of family, friends and music partners in her life, has helped her stay the course. She however shared that she feels more must be done in the Caribbean, to foster and nurture creative development among the region’s youth. “The creative industries can be a major help in our Caribbean economies. There’s always so much focus on the traditional aspects of education when in truth and in fact, so many Caribbean youths are dying for the chance to be seen and heard through their art,” said Phia. Careful with her words, the budding entertainer said she is hopeful that leaders would pay closer attention to the passionate cries of young people who desire direction and true support to see their dreams come true.

Excited about the direction of music globally, as more and more artistes experiment with genres, often fusing them, Phia is riding the wave. “It’s amazing to see how music genres from different cultural backgrounds can come together and make an awesome track. I’m really glad that Afrobeat and Hip Hop and other genres are fusing. It’s an awesome thing to see two or more genres blended and eventually bringing smiles to people from all walks of life, around the world.”

‘My Side’ was collaboratively written by both Orlando and Phia with production of the track done by Randal Alexander of PengCo Music.

To learn more about Phia, follow her on Instagram @phiazworld.

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