Watch Matara ‘Ride!’ This Carnival The Social Media Influencer’s A Soca Jockey!

Well look at this now!

Well, already there seems to be no holding back on the gimmicks ahead of Carnival 2023. With a brand new power Soca release today, radio personality and artist, Bass – Aka Trilo-g, offered a taste of what could be expected when he hits stages in Carnival next year. 

Bass is ready for C2K23

His new single, “Ride,” delivers a fresh side to the artist but isn’t short on humor. Accompaniment to the studio for the track’s release at Boom94 on Wednesday, was Bass’ personal jockey. Ladies and gentlemen, the star mascot for the release seems to be none other than social media influencer, Matara.

In a video that’s now making the rounds on social media, Matara is seen straddled around Bass’ neck as he delivers the track live in studio.

Now, granted, Matara isn’t much of a weight to carry with her light-weight appearance, however, we’re now left to wonder whether Bass will be gout here carrying heftier ‘jockeys’ in the future. Think it’s possible? Let us know! 🤣

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