Yung Bredda Angered By Crime in T&T.

He may be a youth in the music business, but he's not one to go with the crowd, especially when it comes to being silent on matters affecting his home land, Trinidad and Tobago.

Sealots native, Yung Bredda, used his social media platform to speak out on acts of violence that have been perpetrated in his country, in recent time.

His voice echoed the sentiments of Canada based social media influencer, Babzy, who had earlier issued a warning about the Port-of-Spain area, amid news reports of gang activity in T&T, in recent time. In a social media live, Yung Bredda said, “Allyuh hurting me boy. I not just doing music for me alone… is for my country and ally (expletive) up boy. How dem tourist going and feel when they see that boy? Allyuh damaging de culture; Allyuh mashing up de (expletive) place boy!… and government just rock back and watching this boy? We will end up like Haiti boy? No disrespect to any country or anything but we will end up like Venezuela de other day boy? We will go to de dogs boy? Wha allyuh doing?”

The entertainer, known for his sexually charged lyrics and recent soca collaborations with Destra Garcia, Kerwin DuBois and even chutney soca artiste, Nishard M, lamented that as it is in T&T, people are finding it hard to earn a living. “I [does] thank God that I have a way to provide for my family right now. It have people who don’t have a way to provide and sometimes too, they little son or daughter is the only one who will bring in something and BOOM! something come and happen to them innocently and they die…” he went on, highlighting that in such a case, the family would be left reeling from the shock of their loved ones’ death.

With Carnival 2024 on the horizon, many are hopeful that the crime will be expeditiously curtailed. Yung Bredda’s voice on the situation, echoes that of artistes like Orlando Octave, M1 and RKG who have loudly condemned the violence and crime in the country, time and time again.

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