Yung Bredda Hits London, Trinidad Killa Releases ‘Karma.’

The energy of the Zess culture continues to make inroads into markets outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

From very humble beginnings and lifestyles that some may never truly understand, at least two of this country’s entertainers continue to press forward, delivering their style of entertainment to the masses, outside of their homeland.

Sealots native, Yung Bredda, DJ Hottie and Pimpin are in London. The trio performed in Guyana before moving on to London in the past week, Yung Bredda telling DJs and others in the entertainment industry in those parts that they could link with him for dub plates. The journey of this crew has been celebrated my fans. Their come-up not as easy as things may now appear, they are proof that good things can happen with persistence and effort.

In the US, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most controversial entertainers remains driven. Trinidad Killa has released two songs, post carnival. The carnival 2024 season was not devoid of his involvement despite his physical absence, with the entertainer questioning the equity in the Soca music industry on several occasions via Instagram LIVE engagement. In the aftermath of that, music was released, showing that he is undeterred by naysayers. Dey say TriniBad don’t sing nothing good but when we do good music, it don’t get play,” he wrote beneath a video post for one of his latest releases – a track called, “Karma.” The song hears the Arima native vocalize in quite a different way.

Trinidad Killa has also released another single called, “Good Hole,” which has been trending on social media following the artiste’s call for his fans to submit videos as a part of a social media challenge.

The TriniBad music genre has been under immense scrutiny over the past week, following calls by Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali for Caribbean nations to discontinue the promotion of negative lyrical content via music.

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