Yung Bredda Takes the High Road With TikTok Critique over Suggestive Dance Video.

He's young and fiery, and while he could've been hot headed in the moment in response to a fan on TikTok this past weekend, Sealots' very own dancehall sensation, Yung Bredda took the high road.

The entertainer flew out to Toronto following a steady stream of shows this past Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago. He posted photos of himself in the wintery weather in Tdot and even gave fans online a peak into one of his extremely suggestive performances while there.

Yung Bredda is in Toronto

Beneath that particular video, a series of comments questioned the artiste’s performance style. “Bro, not everything is to post on the internet. That woman’s reputation took a huge hit right there,” said one commenter, while another said, “People with no education.” To that, the artist who coins himself, “Prince of Energy,” said, “so yuh have to have education to enjoy yuhself?”

Yung Bredda later posted a full length video in which he diplomatically expressed himself. Already, the video has been viewed over 100,000 times and in it, he starts, “My name is Young Bredda from Trinidad and Tobago.” He goes on to highlight the statement relative to his education. “Everywhere you go in the Caribbean, it have different traditions, different ways of doing things,” he said, noting that Jamaicans dance differently to Trinidadians. “If you are saying we are uneducated and you don’t know of this, but I do, which means I have the education to enlighten you of what is happening in the video, then you are the uneducated one and you need to go and learn about this kind of stuff,” he declared. He told the viewer, “You don’t have to be educated or uneducated to enjoy your life and have fun.”

Take a look:

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