Yung Kymani’s Got Superstar Appeal. “Summertime” Is Only The Start.

We have a superstar on the rise!

That’s the energy being touted by those who’ve been privy to the talent of 9-year-old, Kymani Kaloo. The Carenage, Trinidad native has been gaining popularity over the past year, and with a strong desire to perfect his musical ability, the singer/songwriter is pushing full steam ahead. 

Yung Kymani is a dynamic stage performer. Engaging and thrilling to see, he is not deterred by his youthful age. In fact, with youth on his side, his parents are making the investment to ensure that the elementary school student is prepared for the big stage and the music career that comes along with it. “We are giving our all, making sure that he gets all the necessary support as he pursues music,” explained his mother, Kezia Hector. The boy, who attends St. Peter’s RC Primary School is the only child shared with her spouse, but is one of two children to his father. 

Armed with a song for the brief period of youthful abandon, now called JAVA in T&T, Kymani released his self-penned track, “Summertime,” a few weeks ago. The song has all the elements necessary to help teens and pre-teens vibe along as they head to the beaches, rivers, water parks and wherever else they gather with their families, over the next few weeks, school being out. “It’s all about what kids do when school’s closed, things that kids look forward to, like going to Five Islandsamusement park, going to the beaches and so on,” said Hector. The track also features Del Unit who co-wrote his verse specifically, and the song was produced by Nigel Lopez of Sincerity Studios. 

Earlier this year, as Trinidad and Tobago engaged in its annual carnival festival, Yung Kymani entered the soca arena with a track called, “Soca Paradise.” He walked away from the season with titles for Best Songwriter and Best Party Calypso on the national level for his age group. It was just what his family needed to see, to further encourage him, and invest in his ability. Now, the young, rising entertainer is learning to play the piano and there’s even more interest in molding him into a better songwriter.

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