Ziggy Rankin Says He Will No Longer Be Silenced, Takes A Stand With LOVE.

There comes a time when the noise must be ignored and the mission achieved.

Ziggy Rankin- one of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region’s most deliberate voices in the reggae music movement, will no longer be silenced.

Armed with the musical ammunition he knows can and will counteract the negative noise that the region is now clamoring to control, Ziggy is prepared for battle. “In the early years I was criticized for releasing too much music by prominent people in the industry, but I guess they were wrong so I’ll be blazing them again,” he affirmed, as he confirmed the release of a brand new single that’s the first of many conscious tunes to come.

The track, “Looking for The Love,” is a realistic response to the hate, criminality and outright demonic plague that is now holding many people in the region, in a strong, angry chokehold. At home in Trinidad and Tobago, Ziggy’s worst fears have been exacerbated, as daily, news headlines amplify murder and bloodshed. Ineffective policing and political tug of war, coupled with corporate corruption, judicial inefficiency and out of touch social and educational systems leave many questioning the future of a place once called paradise.

This song, written by Ryan ‘Mawangi’ Peters, with production by Ato Williams, is a drop in the bucket, says Ziggy, but he believes each positive voice matters. “This song is necessary at this time because of the direction we are heading as a people,” he said, adding, “The effort to achieving a better tomorrow must be a collective one. It cannot rest squarely on the shoulders of government or any one group.”

Ziggy Rankin has stood in the gap for many years, intentionally holding firm to his belief in the power of positive music. He has stood shoulder to shoulder with many reggae icons in the Caribbean music industry, pouring his heart and soul out with songs like, “Miserable Life,’ ‘Another One Gone,’ and ‘Gotta Get You A Girl,’ among other hits. Now, as 2024 presents numerous unprecedented occurrences, among them, a call by Guyana’s President, Dr. Irfaan Ali for the region to quell the promotion of musical lyrics that promote violence, Ziggy believes his voice must be stronger than ever.

“Looking For The Love,” is now available for download and streaming via all streaming platforms. “My hope is that, as a nation, as a region, we can agree on the importance of amplifying positive energy – whether through music, conversations and all other aspects of life. What we give out is what we get in return.”

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