Konshens Plays Unedited Dancehall Single for Young Son. Fans Aren’t Happy.

Dancehall artist, Koshens says he isn't raising his children by society's normal value system.

Proof of this was exhibited on Thursday when the ‘Pull Up to Mi Bumper’ singer posted a video of his young son being exposed to an unedited version of his song.

The video, which appeared to attempt to showcase to fans, his fatherly exposure of the Caribbean country’s culture to his American based son, was condemned by many in the comments section on Instagram. “C’mon ..that’s not appropriate for him,” said one person, while another expressed, “Inappropriate for a child im sorry. Song bad deh duh,” and again, another commenter expressed dissatisfaction, saying, “Parents like u a mash up the society, hear the song u a play around the likkle boy. Wukless and waste man move this yah.”

One fan of the artist told him that his mother grew him up as a decent youth with principles and manners and as youths, they could never listen to certain things or do certain things. To that, Konshens responded defending his son’s intelligence and arguing that society would not dictate the way he and his child’s mother raise their child.



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