Cardi B’s $350,000 Legal Bill To Be Paid by Man Who Accused Her of Bringing Him Into Disrepute.

He had accused rapper, Cardi B of using his back tattoo design on her one of her album covers, and proceeded to take the 'Bodak Yellow' singer to court, in 2017.

In his deposition, he stated that was “devastated, humiliated and embarrassed” by the cover of the rapper’s Gangsta Bitch album. The image featured Cardi on the rise, taking a swig of a large beer, staring directly into the camera with her legs spread wide and holding a man’s head during what could only be assumed was meant to seem like bedroom duty.

Now, Cardi’s accuser, Kevin Brophy, has agreed to repay the artiste’s $350,000 legal defense bill, after his failed attempts. Further to that, he has voluntarily ended his efforts to revive the case, while waiving any chance at a future appeal. On Monday, Brophy’s attorneys gave the assurance to the federal judge in the US.

The album cover image, it was explained, was actually that of a model who had consented to the shoot, but the giant tattoo on the man’s back belonged to Brophy. Unknown to Cardi B, a freelance graphic designer had typed “back tattoos” into Google Image Search, found one that fit (Brophy’s) and superimposed it onto the model’s body.Brophy’s lawsuit claimed Cardi and others involved in the cover had used his likeness without his consent and also violated his right to privacy by casting him in a “false light” that was “highly offensive.” Cardi’s lawyers called the allegations “sheer fantasy” and “vastly overblown,” arguing that nobody would have recognized a relatively unknown man based merely on his back.

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