Dancehall’s Spice Is Dragging Erica Mena on Social Media.

The social media energy is through the roof this week and half of that heat is owed to dancehall artiste, Spice.

The Love and Hip Hop actress had a mouthful for fellow influencer, Erica Mena, who has two children with Safaree. Spice shares Jamaican ancestry with Safaree, however the artiste says she is not picking up for him, but is simply “calling a Spade a Spade.”

In an Instagram Live video, at an airport, Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, dragged Mena in Jamaican patois, leaving many who see her in Love and Hop, in shambles, as they attempted to make sense of what she was relaying. In the comments under a Facebook repost of the LIVE, some people said they had no idea what she was saying.

The video sought to clear the air on why Spice had suddenly dug into Mena, arguing that it had nothing to do with her picking up for Safaree. “Girl don’t play with me,” ranted Spice, as she continued, “Me just wah talk meh mind and tell Erica say, memba me tell you, anytime me see yuh, yuh better be prepared to flip over de table because me is not de one to play wit and me doh do fake story and me nah inna de fakeness. Everything bout me is 100% real,” she said.

Spice said she does not care about Mena and Safaree, and what they are dealing with. “Me have meh own issues and meh own problems. Me nearly dead. Me still have meh issues and meh problems me ah deal wit,” she argued, adding that Mena consistently plays victim by saying she is a single mother. “I am one too. Fourteen years and guess what? Me pick up mehself and do what me haffi do,” said the “So Mi Like It” singer.

It is unclear exactly what sparked Spice’s sudden outburst, however Mena has not immediately responded.

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