Farmer Nappy, Destra, Nadia, Jadel. Artistes Jet Off As US Summer Heats Up.

The soca artistes we all love are on their grind.

This past weekend, Atlanta Carnival and Orlando carnival were the order, with revelers taking in the action in those states, in the United States, and of course, T&T’s big names were there, to answer their call.

Nadia Batson, Farmer Nappy, Patrice Roberts, Destra Garcia, Jadel and others were dishing out the live action to fans on their respective social media platforms, giving those at home in the Caribbean, a little taste of how things are when they’re on tour.

Farmer and Destra- the duo who gave us, “Technically,” showed fans a little of their camaraderie at the airport before leaving for Atlanta and Orlando respectfully. Farmer, with his usual spirited personality told fans that he’s loved Destra since he was born, to which the Queen of Bacchanal responded, “but I wasn’t born yet!”

The pair jetted off for performances much like Jadel who celebrated her birthday on the weekend in Orlando in the company of her Soca sisters, Destra and Nadia Batson.

Separately, Fay Ann Lyons also shared that she too was in Orlando, while Patrice Roberts performed both in Orlando and then hopped over to Atlanta for a show there.

The summer action in the US is likely to increase as the weeks beyond this Memorial Day weekend progress. Today, College Boy Jesse performs at an event called SHUSH in New York.

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