Grateful for Big Opportunities. Hopeful for More Progress, Jadel Celebrates International Women’s Day.

"To be a woman at this time, in the world that we live in, is quite amazing," says Soca artiste, Jadel Le Gere.

We spoke with the ‘Fire Body’ singer as the world celebrates International Women’s Day, today. In 2024, Jadel cemented her name on the soca circuit, delivering several hit singles, among them, a collaborative track called, ‘Addictive,’ with Jamaican dancehall artiste, Charly Black. As the United Nations promotes global investment in women, under the theme, “Invest in women: Accelerate progress,” Jadel admitted that while there’s still a lot to be improved for women, many opportunities have presented itself to the benefit of women, in recent time.

“I feel like there are many opportunities being presented to us now and we are being respected more now, for our hard work but there are still a lot of things that need to be improved upon when it comes to being respected as a woman, by both men and women,” said the artiste. She went on to declare that support is tremendously important. “Being a woman in the music industry- the whole business – I feel like there’s constant pressure to prove yourself and you aways have to strive to be the best.”

Jadel is in New York.

Presently in New York ahead of a performance at an event called, ‘Soca In We DNA,’ Jadel told Boom E News that she is quite proud and feels blessed to have been afforded opportunities to travel the world and do what she loves. “I am blessed to have continued success in my career and to be able to provide for my daughter. I have a new song coming soon, which has been produced by the legendary Christopher Birch out of Jamaica. It’s called, ‘Sidechick Season,” she revealed, excitedly sharing that it’s really a play on the word ‘sidechick’ and the track’s release preludes the release of her album, which is set for unveiling this month. “The album is called, ‘Don’t Be Mistaken’ and my goal for it is to showcase some of my fan favorites over the past three years as well as a collection of new material. It will also showcase my versatility in song,” said the entertainer.

Jadel told us she has a number of shows already booked, and is eager to make her way into new territories around the world. Her dedicated approach to her craft, and her perseverance to push into new regions much like she did last year Japan, furthers the idea that women are certainly capable of doing anything they put their heart and soul into.


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