Jamesy P Has Big Dreams. Artiste Unleashes New Sound on the Flipside of Heavy Reflection.

It’s taken him some time spent in reflection for songwriter and artiste, Jamesy P to re-emerge, more certain than he’s ever been about his life’s purpose and musical mission.

Accomplished as a songwriter already, having written Soca hits like Blaxx’s ‘Hulk,’ Machel Montano’s ‘Brace Up’ and other memorable songs Farmer Nappy and Fadda Fox, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines native is set to unleash a nine-track EP – something he says is like nothing anyone has ever heard. 

A businessman, a part from his career in music, James Morgan is certain about his gift. He understands that remaining grounded spiritually means accepting the task of using the gifts given, in a positive and meaningful way. 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Jamesy P.

When he had written ‘Hulk’ in 2017, he had been struggling with various life challenges. Through even the darkness of those moments, he said he heard a voice encouraging him to look at himself and understand how resilient he could be. That was just how the song, eventually shared with, and later sang and performed by Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart, was birthed. His gift of songwriting would make way for him, as beyond that year, Jamesy P suddenly emerged as one of the few artistes who could both deliver on stage and behind the scenes, with the pen. 

The entertainer whose last major release came in 2019, has re-surfaced and is ready to showcase another side of himself. “You will never hear Jamesy P like this,” he admitted, explaining that his new tracks, while still delivering bits of his cheeky humour and personality, are much ‘sweeter’ on the ear.

The EP, which is called ‘Flipside,’ is set for complete release by the first week in July and will feature producers from as far as Kenya and certainly from across the Caribbean, including Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. Jamesy says the sound is a crossover of sorts, ushering in a sweetness that sits on a vein between dancehall and a slower version of Ragga Soca. “I can hardly describe the sound and basically this is the flipside of Jamesy P,” he said. 

The first single off the EP has already been released – a track called, “Run Away,” with production work by St Lucia’s Ramsum Records. As promised, the sweetness is undeniable. “This is music filled with substance. I think this is what music is really supposed to be like – songs you can just slip on while you’re in the car and bop your head along to, all the way. You can play these songs with your entire family. There are some singles that have a bit of a double meaning,” he said with a laugh, “but all in all, you can look forward to Jamesy P a little bit on the softer side.”

As to whether he has plans to return to the fete and carnival scene in a major way, Jamesy says he is uncertain, but has even bigger dreams. “I have these big dreams. I have dreams of hitting big festival stages,” he admitted, letting it be known that he is by no means, thinking small. 

For now, his focus is set on delivering music with people in mind, music that can lift the vibration and influence people in a good way. “We have to be careful with how we use our platforms. There are some people whose minds may not be able to deal with the negative lyrics and dark sounds. We have to create timeless music,” he shared, assuring that this is what he will continue to do, as his mission continues. 

“Runaway” is now streaming on all digital platforms- Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and wherever else you get your music. 

Jamesy P is online digitally, via social media @jamesypmusic.

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